Conquest Toronto 2011 Results

So the first of the new series of Warmachine and Hordes tournaments for the Ontario players has run, and is officially in the book. It was a really great day, with some fun had by all as well as some great moments in both gaming and by-standing. The few sore spots couldn’t overshadow the fact that for the most part the players were all good sports and honourable opponents.

Hoping to get some pictures posted up here soon, but I know people are anxious for me to post results so I will do so here first, and then distribute around the web.

Conquest 2011 Report!

Top 27 Players

Player Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Dave Hladysh Khador 5 (13)(0)(125)
Chris Miller (PG_Gdaybloke) Protectorate of Menoth 4 (16)(1)(116)
Paul Nguyen (UltimateLegion) Legion of Everblight 4 (15)(3)(152)
Chris Doyle Cryx 4 (14)(2)(118)
Jeremy White Khador 4 (13)(3)(155)
Fadi Abou-Nassar Khador 3 (19)(3)(146)
Alan Huneault Trollbloods 3 (18)(0)(87)
Colin Seck (Mechanifan) Cryx 3 (16)(2)(144)
Ken Samaroo (Awk76) Skorne 3 (14)(2)(96)
Jordan White (JDWhitee) Skorne 3 (14)(0)(107)
Derrick Gibson Cryx 3 (12)(2)(110)
Richard Godwaldt Khador 3 (12)(0)(119)
Scott Burt Skorne 3 (11)(3)(100)
Tom Kusch (TK421) Cygnar 3 (11)(1)(159)
Chadi Faraj Trollbloods 3 (11)(0)(97)
James Tubbs (PG_Mael) Mercenaries 2 (13)(3)(119)
Lauren Stafford Legion of Everblight 2 (13)(2)(96)
Nick Tannous Cryx 2 (13)(0)(83)
Todd Verstegen Legion of Everblight 2 (12)(0)(104)
Aaron Harpwood Cryx 2 (11)(3)(71)
Elliot Teron Mercenaries 2 (11)(0)(102)
James Wegg Retribution of Scyrah 2 (10)(0)(84)
Chris Canavan Cygnar 1 (10)(4)(48)
Justin Paquet Mercenaries 1 (10)(2)(94)
Chris Samaroo Mercenaries 1 (10)(0)(34)
Chris Steward (Magnavox) Cryx 1 (9)(0)(31)
Christine McVey Khador 1 (8)(0)(57)

Highest CP :

Player Name Faction CP Total
Chris Canavan Cygnar 4

Undefeated after 5 rounds!

Dave Hladysh Khador

Best in faction

Cryx Score
Chris Doyle 4
Cygnar Score
Tom Kusch (TK421) 3
Khador Score
Dave Hladysh 5
Legion of Everblight Score
Paul Nguyen (UltimateLegion) 4
Mercenaries Score
Elliot Teron 2
James Tubbs (PG_Mael) 2
Protectorate of Menoth Score
Chris Miller (PG_Gdaybloke) 4
Retribution of Scyrah Score
James Wegg 2
Skorne Score
Ken Samaroo (Awk76) 3
Jordan White (JDWhitee) 3
Scott Burt 3
Trollbloods Score
Chadi Faraj 3
Alan Huneault 3

A special thanks to the organizers of the event:  Chris Mascella, Clarence Lee and Rahul Perreira.  Also it is worth me saying that I am usually nothing without my trusty sidekick PG_b00ts Mr Ayden Boutillier without whom I am just loud and raucous, and without an encyclopaedic knowledge of the rules.

I will post the next even as soon as I have details, but keep the month of March in mind for the next Conquest event!

May all your blades be sharp,



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