Rediscovered Loves

It’s funny, you spend time playing games, trying new things, winning or losing, and always trying to improve, and you often forget to go back to where you started and what you enjoyed most about the game and use those tools.

At a tournament last weekend I saw the winner use a list that seemed like a very simple, solid list to me with pieces that I not only have, but have mostly painted, and also LOVE to see and use!  My friend whats82 from the PP forums was using a Stryker1 list that was very elegant and used it surgically on his opponents to get the #1 spot in the event.  After some discussion with him I decided to give his list a try since it would be nice to put down a mostly-painted list for games at the FLGS.

The list is as follows:


– Ol’ Rowdy

– Stormclad

– Lancer

– Squire

Black 13th

Stormblades min unit

Journeyman Warcaster

Gorman Di Wulfe

It’s a nice 35 point list with some simple things going on for it.  Arcane Shield the 2 `Jacks first turn, Blur the Stormblades for some extra defense on the advance, Snipe the Black 13th for some long-assed shots and a 14″ Mage Storm from Ryan, and then use the Lancer, Squire and Stryker to drop some Earthquakes ont hings when you get the chance.  Gorman’s job is to heklp keep Stryker protected by dropping smoke to block LOS to him, or make him DEF 18 (21 with Blur) in the cloud if required.  The heavies are there to do the lifting and to take some serious pain to your opponent.  The Stormblades are mostly a distraction, but can still take some ranged shots, can be sniped if required for RNG 10″ shots, and can definitely wreck things if you manage to get them there alive.  As was pointed out to me by whats82, if a Warjack is knocked down, disrupted via Stryker’s gun, and then Gorman does an oil shot so that an enemy Warjack cannot do anything on it’s turn since it is knocked down, disrupted, and Blinded, so it is out of the game for a turn.  Boy would I love to do that to something horrible like the Avatar or Deathjack.  It is simple and evil, but very effective.

Played this list last night in my only game at the store, and had so much fun with it.  Played my friend Dre using his retribution with Rahn, Discordia, Phoenix, mittens unit, Dawnguard Sentinels min + UA, a Destor Thane, the Arcanist and a MHA.  I was absolutely DECIMATING his army, and had taken out the first objective marker in the Destruction scenario before I made the mistake of sending Gorman to blind the Destor Thane rather than just use smoke to protect Stryker, and it cost me the game.  😀  Even though whats82 had warned me to keep Stryker protected and drop Blur onto him late game and Snipe Gorman, I went aggressively rather than keeping with the plan the whole time, and got Chain Blasted to death on Rahn’s feat turn.  Def 19 Stryker would have been hard to hit, even with Rahn’s feat as he would need to get expected value or higher on three dice to hit me.  Instead he had little trouble arcing the spell twice through the Phoenix and hitting ARM 16 with three dice, needing only an 8 to hit.

So I lost another game, but man it was a fun game with me really using the elements in this list well.  With a small # of models to use, there are less things to worry about and you have to make really smart choices, which I think I did in the first two rounds.  Very fun to play, going to stick with this list for a little while now for some fun.

Should be a new LHR episode coming out soon, we record this weekend and will get it out ASAP for all to enjoy or ridicule.

On my painting desk is Harlan Versh, he needs to get done for my Constance Theme list and should be able to get done this weekend with a bit of work, then on to the next model or models, as I have lots to get done.

May all your blades be sharp,



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