Tumbleweeds and Twisters

So yeah, I haven’t been here for a while, no new content and very little news as I have tried a few other things since starting this blog, and realize now that I want to have my own place, be my own architect, follow my own course, and Captain my own Starship so am back to striving for regular updates here on this blog.

So somehow I got to be a member of the Titans, a group of Privateer Press PG’s. MOD’s and a QM who have all decided it would be a good idea to tackle a huge project in time for TempleCon 2012.  I figure I am the Agonizer of the bunch, a lesser painter and player that is being invited along since I am fun to hang with when booze is involved, and hey, some of them may actually like me.

I have agreed to assemble, paint, and play a small tourney with 8 friends that requires me to paint regularly and provide updates to Gdaybloke over on Lost Hemisphere during the process.  I have enjoyed it to date, and the pressure is certainly there to get at it and paint every single night, which is good, but it also smacks a bit of a job rather than a hobby, but hey I agreed to do it, so am all in for the duration.

The tough part is committing to a theme list, get it to tier 4, and play it enough that you are comfortable with it for when the time comes to play the “event” or the casual games we will end up playing at TC 2012.  I went with a Wrath caster right away, and will likely do a Domination Caster right away too, as this to me seems like the best way to get new stuff showcased for the hobby and the company that we love to support.  And I gotta tell you, as much as I hate infantry, I am tackling them head-on to make sure I get this challenge done and moving for when we need to throw down.

All that being said, I have also agreed to be the new co-host of Lost Hemisphere Radio, and have done three episodes with Gdaybloke to date, and we are scheduled to record again this week as far as I know.  Good times will ensue, and I can have fun with the guests and Gday while we record.  Then I get to edit the podcast, which is a new challenge for me.  Cool tools are available to make this happen, but we have been plagued by audio gremlins to date and I hope to have those resolved in the very near future so that our quality improves and listeners enjoy the product we are putting out.

Today is the Clash Deadline, and I have to finish working on my unit tonight and have pictures as well as 500 words minimum off to Gday for the Wednesday update.  I hate submitting my article last minute, but the reality is I just played in a tournament Saturday [went 1 – 3 😦 ] and then ran a Highlander tournament yesterday, followed by having to spend time with my family before getting to start work on painting at around 9 PM, and kept at it until midnight EST.  So I have more to do tonight, but I am going to be getting more done than is required when I finish, so that is great news.

I guess that is about it for now, I have to get back to work as people are starting to come by my office and ask for things to get done, so I will end off here for now with a promise to update again this week, at least with links to the Clash of the Titans article and maybe an update of what else I am working on for the forseeable future.

May your blades be sharp, regardless of compass direction!



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