Random, overdue update!

Anyone reading, thanks for coming and checking me out!  It has been a while, not for anything other than lack of time and motivation to post here.

Hey, I’m honest if nothing else.

So random updates:

  • “Won” a second Legion of Everblight coin at our most recent tournament at Heroes World.  I was the only Legion Player, so even though I had an abyssmal showing at second to last I took the coin home.  Me thinks I need to bone up my competitive play before doing too many more tournaments lest I embarrass myself too much.
  • Joined a Secret Santa painting exchange at the Hobby Kingdom for the Holidays.  Submitted a new Cygnar Hunter blister as my model, and think maybe I should have cleaned and assembled it first.  Feel kind of bad now.  Received a bloody Dragoon model to paint in exchange!!  That’s a mounted model as well as the un-horsed model to paint, and I thought that was a bit cruel.  The person at least assembled them, though I had to clean up some flash and pin the weapon/hands to the un-horsed version.  Since this was from one of the factions I play as well, it won’t be hard to do the scheme as they requested standard paint scheme.  AND, since my own version of the model is unpainted, I decided to tackle them all at the same time, like a MADMAN.  My plan is to work for at least an hour each night after wife and Angel have gone to bed to get these done.  Day 1 was cleanup, repair and make sure they were primed properly .  Day two was some basic colours on the visible part of the mount, some underpadding, beginning faces and skin wash.  Happy so far, have to do more tonight.
  • Bought some models for a new space tactical game called Firestorm Armada from Spartan Games.  Bought a Terran Alliance starter battle fleet and a Templar Heavy Cruiser that I pick up tonight from a local supplier and got a Zenith Class Carrier and a pair of Aegis class Shield Cruisers to support my fleet earlier in the month.  Looking forward to painting and playing these soon, as I love me some tactical space-naval combat.  Anyone remember the old starship battles game?
  • Hotel room confirmed, pre-registered for the whole thing, vacation days booked, and WOO-HOO, we’re going to TempleCon 2011!!  Gonna have a blast travelling with some buds, playing some games and showing the Americans how much fun a bunch of Canuckleheads can be at the gaming tables.  Getting pretty stoked about this trip.  I know I will miss the family and have a lot of work to do to get fully painted before going, but I am really looking forward to this one.
  • Got my Epic General Adept Nemo painted and played in a 25 pt Mangled Metal / Tooth & Claw game.  I think I could have won the whole thing if I didn’t go so defensive and move Nemo2 out of the Killbox in my second game though.  It was pretty sad.  L  Loved how he played, loved a battle group of 2 x Ironclad’s and 3 x Chargers on Nemo’s feat turn, it was some shoot-y, hammer-y goodness!

As requested, here is a crappy picture of my Gorten Armour Wars battlegroup:

I wish you could see my colours...

More to come in the near future, I just wanted to start getting back into the habit with a quick update.

Later Gators!


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  1. Joel Says:

    Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we’ll talk about it.


    Joel Houston

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