Release Day and the Miracles of Electricity!!

So not many posts of late; I may try and catch up in another post, or I may just leave the last few months a complete mystery.

What I will do is tell you about the wonders of science and how Electricity, a very potent natural force that can be harnessed to provide power to us mere mortals, was used to power a time machine run by my future self to come back in time, collect me, take me back to the future, and allow me to buy a model that releases today so that I could have a preview up for you ASAP release day!

Behold, the Firefly!!

Say Hello to my liddle frend...

Nice light box, not priced too badly IMHO, and with plenty inside to tickle your fancy… 

Behold the contents of said box!

 I like how the card is protected in a nice plastic sleeve; mine was not bent or damaged in any way, and came out and was ready for a top loader and to play right away!

Plastic crack comes in pre-dosed baggies.

See my powers and fear my Zappy-Stick!

Firefly: The Puzzle

 The pokey-lance on mine was bent as you can see, but I heated it up with some boiling water and it’s not so bad, as you will see in a few pics.  I was surprised as the sheer amount of flash on these to be honest, and the fact that it is always right close to a plastic nub or bolt worries me as I am not the steadiest hand with a blade in it, but I think I did an okay job of getting it off and filing the pieces.

Minutes later, his Pokey-Stick was ready for pokin'!

 The truly AMAZING part of this plastic model is how well the pieces fit together.  The legs have either a slot or a knob to attach firmly and easily to the torso, the head fit nicely against the torso, and the boiler and smokestacks both were slotted so that they slid easily into the torso, occupied the space perfectly, and went on without any fuss or muss whatsoever.  The right arm is a bit tricky as there is a “guard” that the “bicep” pistons attach to before connecting to the hand that holds the pokey stick, but using some GF9 superglue and accelerant I was able to glue the pistons to the cup easily.  After it dried for a few minutes I pinned the hand to the cup and it had the added benefit of going into the pistons a bit, so that was perfect.  Now since my heavies gave me some issues when I assembled them, I knew I was going to pin this guy right from the get-go.  I pinned his arms to the torso, his head to torso, his hand to pistons, and his foot to the base.  I am hoping that will more than suffice for keeping this guy stable and secure when it comes time to field him.

O hai! I can haz liteneeng?

Water + Fire = Steam, Steam + Lightning = WIN!

 The shot above shows one of the very annoying flash lines that travels along his boiler and splits into three right at the pressure gauge; this was by far the hardest to remove, and in the photo it is still quite visible so I may have to revisit it and try to remove even more of it before priming and painting it.

Speaking of steam, I appear to be running out of it in the witicism department...

 You can see the masking tape I used on the base here, not quite sure why a plastic model with no slots comes with a slotted base, but I just taped over it and no one will know when the base is done.  Just an oddity really, no real complaint or issue here.

"I was going to ask you the time, but I'm afraid your response may shock me."

So here my lightning-lass from the Storm Tower has graciously agreed to stand in the shot to give some sense of scale to this guy.  She is nicely scaled with the rest of my Cygnar stuff, not B13th small, so she provides a good sense of how this new light Warjack will look beside some of my Stormblades and Stormgunners.  Nice size to him, seems big enough to be a light and should look good next to some heavies. 

Unfortunately this does cement for me the need to get the other light Warjacks in plastic, I really like how this guy went together and hope his cousins on the same chassis will go together as nicely.  Hard on the wallet, but I think visually it will do wonders for the game.

Also, I wanted to show a few quick shots of the Cygnar token set, as I have not seen many shown on the web.  Here is what goodies are in the Token sets!

So much Blue-y Goodness!

Sweet detail and use of space on an otherwise useless piece of card stock.

I really like how the tokens have come together.  It was a long wait, but seems well worth it.  PP has put a lot of effort and applied their great design aesthetic to make these a great tool for any gamer.  And the fact that you can write on these makes them so invaluable.  While mucking about last night my wife and I agreed on having two sets of tokens; Cygnar would serve for my Swans and the Legion of Everblight, and from the Hordes Token sets I will get the Green Circle Orboros set to serve as Circle and Mercs.  I figure spending on two sets and using for four factions is pretty good, and not too disruptive.  Between the two sets I should be able to have all the spell and effects needed on display for any game I play.

That’s it for now, I have to trust my future self is pleased with the preview I have written, and I can now go on to the Hordes Primal MKII book and some of the other goodies that release today.

Side note:  I got a Legion Coin after my first tourney running Legion Saturday July 23rd, 2010.  I had a terrible showing and became enraged, but with 1-2 record and 14 CP I was able to wrest the coin away from the other Legion player.  Genesis was a great event at Heroes World and I look forward to more time with my angry Dragonspawn!!


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