Iron Kingdoms Armour Wars

So a while back I was looking at painting the Butcher of Khardov, pButcher, in the Red and Gold of Iron Man colours as the new movie was coming out this year, the model is cool, red is already a Khador (Pronounced KAY-door) colour, etc etc.  I was just wary of buying a new model (OCD and spending issues for sure, just ask my wife!) and starting down the dangerous path (for me!) of getting into a new faction by buying and enjoying a single model.

Then along came my Dwarves.  When I spontaneously bought the Gorten Grundback battle box, Herne & Jonne, Thor Steinhammer and a second Driller all for half price from Heroes World I knew I had found my new faction and family.  It also meant I had a new, high-armoured model with which I could apply my Iron Man paint scheme.

For reference, here is the Iron Man Yellow/Red  that I prefer, the “original” red and yellow of many years ago:

He's tall for a Dwarf...

And so I started to paint my Gorten up in this scheme.  I’m happy so far with the results, but man is it ever tough to put down nice-looking yellow on top of a black primer coat.  So to that end I bought some GW Citadel Foundation paint to use with it, and have to complete Gorten and his battle group for the tourney on the 16th of May.

However….  when playing last week, a fellow gamer liked what I was doing with Gorten so far, and he thought it was a great idea.  He asked what I was going to paint the rest of my army, and I said I would stick to studio-ish paintjobs (At my skill level!) for the rest of the models.  I had started on a paint scheme from NQ # 27 for my Driller and battle group that was Browns.  So he replies with “But where is your War Machine?”.  And I started thinking on this.  Basically some Black and Silver for War Machine,and I could do that on some of the Light Warjacks, maybe the Gunners or Blasters, and that would be cool.

Then this evil genius points to the Hammerfall Forge Guard and he says to me “They could be really sweet as the Vault Guardsmen!”.  This also made me think, as it was thematic and started to tug at my fanboy heart-strings.  And I do so love the colour green…

Where is his Piston-Hammer?

And now I am seriously loving a Comic-based theme for my Rhulic army.  I mean come on, there’s even a guy named Thor in the list!!

So it’s decided; Gorten’s Avengers will all be comic book themed, either via paint or named, to be a part of Marvel Comics’ Avengers lineup from any era.  I already know my “War Machines” will be named for the Avengers core group; Hulk, Wasp, Giant Man, Cap(tain America), Hawkeye and the Vision, with Gorten bearing the Iron Man persona.  And yes, I’m well aware that Hawkeye and Vision are later additions, and Cap isn’t really an original Avenger, but this is my Avengers and the names seems to fit.  The team will be supported by the green-armoured Horgenhold Forge Guardsmen, and some other support characters I have yet to decide on.  All-in-all I am happy with this direction, and think it can be fun and unique while also still showing I am not super-serious about the game at the same time.

Pics of work in progress to come, I just finalised some thoughts on this today in the shower…

Thanks for reading!


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One Response to “Iron Kingdoms Armour Wars”

  1. Quixotic Says:

    Great idea. I demand pictures! :O)

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