Well said sir.

I’ve been stewing on some ideas and rants about the game, how it’s played, and the opponents I face for a while now.  Some things about the “game” have been bothering me. 

I was on the Privateer Press Forums this morning, and came across this thread that so succinctly summarizes how I feel the game should be played, and how as adults we should approach the game.

I am enjoying reading the posts, but I think this does confirm for me that I shouldn’t be playing in tournaments, as the players who go to crush their opponents will eventually face me, and I won’t enjoy the experience.

This is a great read for any player, of any game really, but especially relevant to those of us who play table top miniatures games for fun.

I take my hat off to the author, PPS_MODJOSH, for his amazing insight and excellent article.



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