Rhulic Cards for Artillery and High Shield UA

So after a lot of grief on the PP boards, mostly due to disappointment over the models than at me for getting them early I admit, I am posting pics of the cards front and back so people can form their own opinions….

That’s all she wrote people, pics of the models to come once I take some…



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3 Responses to “Rhulic Cards for Artillery and High Shield UA”

  1. Faultie Says:

    Thanks for the spoilers.

    PP certainly dropped the ball. I’m not sure if I hope that it was intentional or not.

  2. Tarrant Says:

    Thanks for posting the cards! I think their rules are great. Quite possibly some of the point values might decrease if used in a Tier list which would allow the Rhulic Tier lists to get them at decent point values while other lists would have to pay the listed cost.

  3. Jme Says:

    I look forward to crushing these under the hooves of my tuffaloes.

    That is all.

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