Defeat at Nightfall

So I haven’t played much recently, things have been busy all over and precluded much game time. Damn real life interference.

Sunday I headed to the store to get a game in against Mael and his ridonkulous Trollbloods. As a bonus, I got my 2010 Shattered Grounds Battle Journal and my first few stamps as part of the Nightfall league.

The game was a bit rushed which was frustrating for me, and I tried a 50 point Siege list, and I’ve never used Siege before. I lost on turn three I believe, left Siege out where he could be targeted by a Troll Blitzer and three shots later the game was over. It wasn’t a fun game, but I should know by now that any league games are just as competitive and bring out the worst in people just as a tournament does. Not to say Mael was a total asshat, cause I surely made the mistakes that cost me the game, but I did see a few things go down around me that I thought were silly.

I have a game set up Thursday night against our other local Press Ganger and his Menite scum, followed by what I hope to be is an exciting 4-way game with myself and another Cygnar player on one side versus whomever else shows up. Should be very fun indeed.

Best quote of the day Sunday was from a local player who was starting to run Legion for the league. I saw some of his models, and in the middle of all this was a Skorne character Beast, Molik Karn. When I asked why that model was there, the response was gold:

“He’s a Molik Karn-ivean!”

I am still giggling over that one. I hope my suggestion of adding Typhon heads to his shoulders is taken and he becomes a staple of the game, cause shit like that are what make me happy and help to realize that not everyone takes these wargames so seriously.

Hope to have some painting progress shots up tomorrow.  My ADD is kicking in and there’s just too much I want to be working on simultaneously.

Cheers for now.


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