Choices and Slacking

So I have been lax on the updates, things have been moving at a hectic pace all around and I haven’t made the time I should, or taken nearly enough photos.

I found myself losing steam as the in-laws were staying with us, so I fell off the painting wagon a bit and just gave up once I sat back down and realized my Stromblades weren’t nearly as finished as I thought they were.  I managed to start doing the first layer of highlights on them but couldn’t finish even that before I went to bed the night of a tournament.  That was the 19th of March.

The tournament March 20th was yet another let down.  I was evilly paired off with WAY better players than me in the first 2 rounds, got a bye in the third round, and lost horribly in the fourth round to a cheese list from a retribution player.  He was playing an all-ranged, Advanced Deploy, mage hunters list that totally ripped my melee army to pieces.  I did learn some things about the list I took which is always good, but the steady stream of losses are very disheartening to a relative newbie to the game.  My first game was the most fun, with a local player, Whats82, who was also in the finals game at Templecon 2010.  My second round opponent was the overall winner of Templecon.  So the 3rd round bye was a relief.

I took a break after that, and the time off allowed me to buy up a bunch of new Rhulic (Dwarves!) models for a Searforge Contract list.  I figure Imay as well start over again as I have way too much stuff for Cygnar, a lot of it unpainted, and am feeling like I am not running them well at all.  I was warned the faction has a steep learning curve, and I’m not sure where I sit on that curve at present so I decided to look elsewhere.  And spend elsewhere unfortunately.

I currently have the following models for four (4!!!!) factions:


  • Stryker, eStryker, Caine, eCaine, Haley, eHaley, Nemo, eNemo, Siege, Sloan, Darius, Kraye
  • Stormblades (6) + UA, Stormguard (10), Stormsmiths (3), Storm Lances (3), Sword Knights (10) + UA, Trenchers (10) + UA, Trencher Commandoes (10), Trencher Chain Gun, Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (6) + UA, Long Gunners (10) + UA, Field Mechaniks (6),  Rangers (6), Precursor Knights (6) + UA, Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
  • Katherine Laddermore, Squire, Journeyman Warcaster, Finn, Gun Mage Captain Adept, Trencher Grenade Porter, Strangewayes
  • Ironclad (2), Defender (2), Centurion (2), Ol’ Rowdy, Cyclone, Thunderhead, Hammersmith and Stormclad
  • Charger, Lancer, Grenadier, Hunter, Sentinel and Thorn

That’s 140 Cygnar models, according to Forward Kommander web site.

Circle Orboros

  • Kaya, eKaya + Laris, Kruger, eKruger, Baldur, Kromac
  • Wolves of Orboros (10) + UA, Tharn Ravagers (6) + UA, Shifting Stones, Sentry Stone & Mannikins, Druids of Orboros (6) + UA and the Stoneward and Woldstalkers (6)
  • Tharn Ravager White Mane, Blackclad Wayfarer, War Wolf, Lord of the Feast and Wolf Lord Morraig
  • Feral Warpwolf, Pureblood Warpwolf, Woldwarden, Megalith, Gnarlhorn Satyr and the Shadowhorn Satyr
  • Gorax, Argus (2), Woldwyrd and Woldwatcher


  • Gorten Grundback
  • Horgenhold Forge Guard (10), Lady Aiyanna and Master Holt, and Herne & Jonne
  • Eiryss, Harlan Versh, Reinholdt, Rhupert, Rutger Shaw, Taryn di la Rovissi, and Thor Steinhammer
  • Grundback Driller (2), Wroughthammer Rockram
  • Grundback Gunner (3), Grundback Driller (2)

Legion of Everblight

  • Thagrosh, eThagrosh, Lylyth and Vayl
  • The Forsaken (2) and Blighted Nyss Sheperd
  • Carnivean (2), Typhon and a Seraph
  • Shredders (8)


  • Wrongeye & Snapjaw
  • Gatormen Posse (5) and the Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew
  • Alten Ashley, Viktor Pendrake, and Gudrun the Wanderer


So I have a lot of options and that may be affecting me right now.  With so many new and shiny things coming out for all of my factions, I get distracted very quickly and want to build and try new lists.  But I have so MANY unpainted models, and it is not cool.  Painted models look so much better when you play.

So I modified my painting vow.  With me focusing on some Dwarves, I have decided I am only going to play with the Rhulic battle box, and only when it is fully painted.  I have made a vow over at Heroes World that I will build and paint up to a 35 point army for early May.  To that end, I have my Gorten well underway, and even started laying down some browns on my Driller.  I will post pics of Gorten soon, as his colour scheme is bright to say the least.  In honour of May’s Iron Man 2, I am painting my little Dwarven buddy in the Red and Yellow of classic Iron Man, and he is impressive so far, IMHO.

All the best and many thanks for reading.


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