Pics to come but I wanted to post this up from work.

I played in two 15 point games last night at Dueling Grounds and won them both! I played a fine gentleman, Jack from War Painter.

Jack fielded an unpainted Skorne list in both games, and the power of the fully painted models won out over his Skorne in both games, even though the second game ended in a nailbiter!!

Jack’s list was:
Tyrant Xerxis
– Cyclops Savage
– Cyclops Savage
Praetorian Ferox

My 1st list was:
– Ol’ Rowdy
– Ironclad
– Charger

Second list was:
– Defender
– Ironclad
– Charger

Yes they were both Heavy`Jack centric.  Yes I won with both.


Boy does Caine play differently with heavies that Stryker.  And trying to hang back and shoot from your deployment zone isn’t so easy with fast moving light Beasts and Ferox.

Hope to get pics and battle reports up later tonight or tomorrow.  With in-laws at home from Australia, I am freed up to do some painting tonight and tomorrow and hope to have more results to post come Sunday before we head to the zoo.

Thanks for reading.


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