Falling behind…

So last week ended up being a bit of epic fail on the painting goal.  I truly did watch Olympic hockey almost every night of last week.  Way too much going on, and now that the Olympics are over I am hosting the in-laws from Australia so my painting time has been limited.

However they are off to visit old friends today until Friday, so after ball hockey tonight I hope to get some painting dones, need to do the base on Rowdy to finish him 100% and then move on to eStryker.

My ATGM’s call to me as well, I want to tackle them and get that unit ready for play, they are very cool in the RPG and in the game, I just have not learned to use them to best effect yet and that bothers me as I really want to like them.  So I may have to go back and revisit my list, however with so much stuff partially painted I should really do my best to maintain focus and go through the list finishing off things I hope to use in the tournament March 20th.

Progress soon.



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