Some Updates

Just a few notes and updates for the blog.

I’ve been more sick this year than ever in my life.  Having a child going to daycare, weekly allergy shots, and been sick with colds more than ever before.  No idea why, but it’s been very frustrating for me.  Cost me a lot of gaming and painting time.  No energy and feeling like shit makes me not want to do anything gaming related.  Though I have finished Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on PS3 again, since the trophies were added.  Good times, I love that game so much.

I have made a new vow; I’m only going to play painted models from now on.  I have finished assembling and priming the entirety of my Cygnar force, and the only models I don’t own are the 2 artillery pieces.  I have a lot of models with touches of paint on them, but that need to be completed.  My battle box has been painted for some time, as is my alternate pStryker model, but I have a lot of unpainted models.  I like painting `Jacks and solos, Warcatsers and the like because I can work on one model, focus on getting it to the best of my ability, and then play with it on the table.  Units are an issue for me, as I dislike having to paint so many models at one time.  Some good advice I read was to tackle only a few models at a time from the unit, take one of the poses and do those models first and then go to the next pose, etc.  I am making progress though.  Here are some examples of my work:

So yeah, my plan is to paint as much as possible over the next few weeks until our Steamroller 2010 tournament at the Dueling Grounds.  I plan to work on the following models, in order:

  1. Ol’ Rowdy
  2. eStryker
  3. Stormblades unit
  4. Stormblade UA
  5. Stormguard
  6. Arlan Strangewayes

I’ll post updates as I go.

Wish me luck!



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