Where the Heck have I been?

OK, so I’m not doing so well at this blogging thing.  I have some posts as drafts that I have been unable or unwilling to complete for whatever reasons.  Add to that the fact that I am married with child and have very little time at night to post, and you can see how this may not have been the best idea for me.

But I want to blog, and I want to write and be creative and funny!  So I need to get my ass in gear and be more disciplined, and take the time to post as much as I can.

Anyway, on the gaming front there are new plastic kits and card decks out for Warmachine.  Much complaining is being done about the cards, but for my part I like them.  New design, simple layout with some icons to get used to, and a LOT of pictures I have seen for years now of the units, models and Warcasters from the game.  Most of the pictures are from the earlier decks even, so I am not sure why anyone would complain about them.

I have mixed feelings on the plastic Warjack boxes.  I bought three, and so far have assembled the Cyclone and Ironclad, and am working on the Defender. 

The Cons:

  1. You cannot use “normal” plastic glue on this plastic.  PP have formulated their own plastic and a typical plastic glue does not work on them.  You have to use a super glue on them, and unfortunately it doesn’t bond as quickly to the plastic as it has for me on the metal.  I considered using some of the PVC glue I use in swimming pool plumbing on these, but changed my mind as I realized that would be overkill.
  2. Warping.  Admittedly this only happened on one of the box sets, and there are extra parts from the other sets that I could use, but I would have been super-annoyed if the only kit I bought had warped arms and parts in it.  Can’t begin to imagine how you would fix that, as a boil may not be enough for this PP plastic.
  3. I still had to pin several parts on these models to get it assembled correctly.  This annoys simply because I am used to plastic glues melting the top layer of glue on both pieces and then re-bonding on a chemical level in a short amount of time.  MEK, PVC glue, Transition glue, they all do this.  Super glue goes on wet, has to be waited on, and then may or may not bond when you stick the two halves together.  Pinning avoids this and makes for a stronger bond, but why should I have to do this?  Grrrrrr.

The Pros:

  1. Plastic = less expensive models.  This is a bonus to all hobby enthusiasts, as generally the luxury of a hobby in today’s economy has a certain price tag to it.  The new metal models I was buying had price tags of $50 + Canadian on them.  These box sets cost $40 and I believe are of equally good quality.
  2. The PP plastic has a good weight to it.  Most plastic is very light and airy, and these are not.  Assembled they are quite sturdy and attractive, I like them.  We’ll see how the paint goes on them.
  3. The kits allow me to mess with the Warjack pose a little, making them a bit more dynamic than the standard ones from the metal boxes.  I can make them a little more active in their pose, and that appeals to me.  I want hammers and guns in movement so that the enemy models know they are in for a beat-down!

I intend to do some pictures and more discussion of these in another post, I’ll get it up this weekend if not sooner.

Anyway, heading to The Store tonight to play some games with all my new stuff.

  1. New dice for better rolling and less blame.
  2. New card deck all in plastic sleeves for ease of reference and use.
  3. New Cyclone to gain board control and put two d3 initial attacks on anything that gets too close to me.
  4. New attitude to try and always have fun, no matter the outcome of the game!!

Wish me luck!

Let's make them tremble at our fury, Rowdy my old friend!


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