pCaine vs Gorten Grundback 35 pt Battle Report


Only got one game in Thursday night at our local store.  It was a 35 pt game while I was waiting for Jamie and Adam to show up and play, as I had already challenged both of them to a game.

So my list was:

pCaine (-6)

-Hunter (+6)

– Squire (+2)

JWC (+3)

-Ironclad (+7)

ATGM + UA (+8)

-Defender (+9)

Arlan Strangewayes (+2)

B13th (+4)

I played against a good guy in our group, Rob,  who has bad luck like I do, and we win about as many games, which is to say infrequently and not many.

Rob’s Gorten list was:

Gorten Grundback (-7)

– Grundback Gunner (+3)

– Grundback Gunner (+3)

– Grundback Gunner (+3)

– Ghordson Driller (+6)

Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps 6 (+5)

Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps 6 (+5)

Horgenhold Forge Guard 10 (+8)

Thor Steinhammer (+2)

– Ghordson Basher (+7)

Rob moved his Dwarves a full move after deployment as apparently they can due to the Searforge Commission.  Dunno, but it got those little stubby buggers moving right away.

He then took turn 1, and advanced all of his models, with a unit of Gun Corps and the Forge guard moving up on my right side, Thor and his Basher just inside of that, the Grundback battlegroup in the middle and the remaining unit of gun corps on my left advancing towards the Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team.  His Dwarves have now moved up twice at the top of my turn 1, and the gap is shortening on the table. 

I advanced the B13th up and put Lynch’s base in the forest to benefit from Prowl, and Ryan and Watts just outside of the forest but only 6″ upfield.  No way I was throwing them away to die to the CRA of the Gun Corps on Rob’s turn 2.  Journeyman placed Arcane Shield on the Ironclad and they both advanced forward and to my right to stay out of the forest in the centre of the table.


I’m coming back to this after a few weeks away from it, and realized it is now pretty cold in my mind.

Long story short….. I lost.  We both made some mistakes, but I’ll try to recap my mistakes and thoughts here.

  • I let the Defender go inert after the ATGM UA died.  Afterwards we realized that a Jack Marshalled Warjack does not go inert but becomes autonomous when it’s controller dies.  So no free boosts anymore, but it can still take actions.  I moved Arlan up to re-activate it and on Rob’s turn he slammed it over Arlan, killing him.  What a waste of 2 good models!!
  • Caine’s feat was amazing, I took out most of the models on my right side of the board when I started losing my ATGM’s.  But it wasn’t enough to take out the Warjacks or Gorten, and I started to play defensively and teleport away from danger.  This makes me sad because I am usually a more aggressive player.
  • The B13th did still turn to mist from CRA’s on the left side of the table.  I didn’t get the most out of them because I was trying to get them out and causing harm to high armoured Dwarves.  They should have stayed closer to Caine to get Deadeye before shooting their extra damage bolts, they would have smoked a lot more of his army.
  • My Hunter kept advancing and shooting rather than shooting and backing off each turn.  He needed Snipe and to move back and shoot every turn rather than sitting still for an aiming bonus.  Some concentrated fire from the 4 gunbunnies was enough to kill him and make me sad.
  • I wasn’t focused and aware of what I wanted to do each turn.  I find I am not playing an army as a General or tactician would, but treating it as a bunch of characters that I want to live and survive.  This means I hesitate to sacrifice things for gains, I don’t focus a lot of models to achieve simple goals (Kill this model or that unit…), and I am playing disjointed.  I need to focus on using infantry like fodder and my Warjacks like the heavy hitters they are, and make sure if I lose one that it has done a good job before it goes away.  Some work to be done in this area.

The game ended when I conceded defeat to Rob.  He was surprised, but I guess I was frustrated and getting angry at myself for having lost so much and made too many mistakes.  I was starting to play the run and gun game with Caine; advance, shoot at a target dealing some damage, then teleport away with the last two focus.  This is not fun for me, and I saw it as hopeless, and conceded.

Does that make me a poor sport?  I saw it as a question of time before Rob could end it, so I did what i felt was right and gave him the win without wasting time.  And seeing as I was no longer having any fun, isn’t that the right thing to do?  I hope it wasn’t seen as me being a bad sport, but once I’ve lost in my head and stopped having fun, the game is over for me, so time to pack up.

I’ll try to do battle reports after my games at Dueling Grounds tonight, and we’ll see if I’ve learned anything.

Cheers for now.


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