Conquest Toronto 2011 Results

November 14, 2011

So the first of the new series of Warmachine and Hordes tournaments for the Ontario players has run, and is officially in the book. It was a really great day, with some fun had by all as well as some great moments in both gaming and by-standing. The few sore spots couldn’t overshadow the fact that for the most part the players were all good sports and honourable opponents.

Hoping to get some pictures posted up here soon, but I know people are anxious for me to post results so I will do so here first, and then distribute around the web.

Conquest 2011 Report!

Top 27 Players

Player Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Dave Hladysh Khador 5 (13)(0)(125)
Chris Miller (PG_Gdaybloke) Protectorate of Menoth 4 (16)(1)(116)
Paul Nguyen (UltimateLegion) Legion of Everblight 4 (15)(3)(152)
Chris Doyle Cryx 4 (14)(2)(118)
Jeremy White Khador 4 (13)(3)(155)
Fadi Abou-Nassar Khador 3 (19)(3)(146)
Alan Huneault Trollbloods 3 (18)(0)(87)
Colin Seck (Mechanifan) Cryx 3 (16)(2)(144)
Ken Samaroo (Awk76) Skorne 3 (14)(2)(96)
Jordan White (JDWhitee) Skorne 3 (14)(0)(107)
Derrick Gibson Cryx 3 (12)(2)(110)
Richard Godwaldt Khador 3 (12)(0)(119)
Scott Burt Skorne 3 (11)(3)(100)
Tom Kusch (TK421) Cygnar 3 (11)(1)(159)
Chadi Faraj Trollbloods 3 (11)(0)(97)
James Tubbs (PG_Mael) Mercenaries 2 (13)(3)(119)
Lauren Stafford Legion of Everblight 2 (13)(2)(96)
Nick Tannous Cryx 2 (13)(0)(83)
Todd Verstegen Legion of Everblight 2 (12)(0)(104)
Aaron Harpwood Cryx 2 (11)(3)(71)
Elliot Teron Mercenaries 2 (11)(0)(102)
James Wegg Retribution of Scyrah 2 (10)(0)(84)
Chris Canavan Cygnar 1 (10)(4)(48)
Justin Paquet Mercenaries 1 (10)(2)(94)
Chris Samaroo Mercenaries 1 (10)(0)(34)
Chris Steward (Magnavox) Cryx 1 (9)(0)(31)
Christine McVey Khador 1 (8)(0)(57)

Highest CP :

Player Name Faction CP Total
Chris Canavan Cygnar 4

Undefeated after 5 rounds!

Dave Hladysh Khador

Best in faction

Cryx Score
Chris Doyle 4
Cygnar Score
Tom Kusch (TK421) 3
Khador Score
Dave Hladysh 5
Legion of Everblight Score
Paul Nguyen (UltimateLegion) 4
Mercenaries Score
Elliot Teron 2
James Tubbs (PG_Mael) 2
Protectorate of Menoth Score
Chris Miller (PG_Gdaybloke) 4
Retribution of Scyrah Score
James Wegg 2
Skorne Score
Ken Samaroo (Awk76) 3
Jordan White (JDWhitee) 3
Scott Burt 3
Trollbloods Score
Chadi Faraj 3
Alan Huneault 3

A special thanks to the organizers of the event:  Chris Mascella, Clarence Lee and Rahul Perreira.  Also it is worth me saying that I am usually nothing without my trusty sidekick PG_b00ts Mr Ayden Boutillier without whom I am just loud and raucous, and without an encyclopaedic knowledge of the rules.

I will post the next even as soon as I have details, but keep the month of March in mind for the next Conquest event!

May all your blades be sharp,



Rediscovered Loves

July 29, 2011

It’s funny, you spend time playing games, trying new things, winning or losing, and always trying to improve, and you often forget to go back to where you started and what you enjoyed most about the game and use those tools.

At a tournament last weekend I saw the winner use a list that seemed like a very simple, solid list to me with pieces that I not only have, but have mostly painted, and also LOVE to see and use!  My friend whats82 from the PP forums was using a Stryker1 list that was very elegant and used it surgically on his opponents to get the #1 spot in the event.  After some discussion with him I decided to give his list a try since it would be nice to put down a mostly-painted list for games at the FLGS.

The list is as follows:


– Ol’ Rowdy

– Stormclad

– Lancer

– Squire

Black 13th

Stormblades min unit

Journeyman Warcaster

Gorman Di Wulfe

It’s a nice 35 point list with some simple things going on for it.  Arcane Shield the 2 `Jacks first turn, Blur the Stormblades for some extra defense on the advance, Snipe the Black 13th for some long-assed shots and a 14″ Mage Storm from Ryan, and then use the Lancer, Squire and Stryker to drop some Earthquakes ont hings when you get the chance.  Gorman’s job is to heklp keep Stryker protected by dropping smoke to block LOS to him, or make him DEF 18 (21 with Blur) in the cloud if required.  The heavies are there to do the lifting and to take some serious pain to your opponent.  The Stormblades are mostly a distraction, but can still take some ranged shots, can be sniped if required for RNG 10″ shots, and can definitely wreck things if you manage to get them there alive.  As was pointed out to me by whats82, if a Warjack is knocked down, disrupted via Stryker’s gun, and then Gorman does an oil shot so that an enemy Warjack cannot do anything on it’s turn since it is knocked down, disrupted, and Blinded, so it is out of the game for a turn.  Boy would I love to do that to something horrible like the Avatar or Deathjack.  It is simple and evil, but very effective.

Played this list last night in my only game at the store, and had so much fun with it.  Played my friend Dre using his retribution with Rahn, Discordia, Phoenix, mittens unit, Dawnguard Sentinels min + UA, a Destor Thane, the Arcanist and a MHA.  I was absolutely DECIMATING his army, and had taken out the first objective marker in the Destruction scenario before I made the mistake of sending Gorman to blind the Destor Thane rather than just use smoke to protect Stryker, and it cost me the game.  😀  Even though whats82 had warned me to keep Stryker protected and drop Blur onto him late game and Snipe Gorman, I went aggressively rather than keeping with the plan the whole time, and got Chain Blasted to death on Rahn’s feat turn.  Def 19 Stryker would have been hard to hit, even with Rahn’s feat as he would need to get expected value or higher on three dice to hit me.  Instead he had little trouble arcing the spell twice through the Phoenix and hitting ARM 16 with three dice, needing only an 8 to hit.

So I lost another game, but man it was a fun game with me really using the elements in this list well.  With a small # of models to use, there are less things to worry about and you have to make really smart choices, which I think I did in the first two rounds.  Very fun to play, going to stick with this list for a little while now for some fun.

Should be a new LHR episode coming out soon, we record this weekend and will get it out ASAP for all to enjoy or ridicule.

On my painting desk is Harlan Versh, he needs to get done for my Constance Theme list and should be able to get done this weekend with a bit of work, then on to the next model or models, as I have lots to get done.

May all your blades be sharp,


Tumbleweeds and Twisters

July 25, 2011

So yeah, I haven’t been here for a while, no new content and very little news as I have tried a few other things since starting this blog, and realize now that I want to have my own place, be my own architect, follow my own course, and Captain my own Starship so am back to striving for regular updates here on this blog.

So somehow I got to be a member of the Titans, a group of Privateer Press PG’s. MOD’s and a QM who have all decided it would be a good idea to tackle a huge project in time for TempleCon 2012.  I figure I am the Agonizer of the bunch, a lesser painter and player that is being invited along since I am fun to hang with when booze is involved, and hey, some of them may actually like me.

I have agreed to assemble, paint, and play a small tourney with 8 friends that requires me to paint regularly and provide updates to Gdaybloke over on Lost Hemisphere during the process.  I have enjoyed it to date, and the pressure is certainly there to get at it and paint every single night, which is good, but it also smacks a bit of a job rather than a hobby, but hey I agreed to do it, so am all in for the duration.

The tough part is committing to a theme list, get it to tier 4, and play it enough that you are comfortable with it for when the time comes to play the “event” or the casual games we will end up playing at TC 2012.  I went with a Wrath caster right away, and will likely do a Domination Caster right away too, as this to me seems like the best way to get new stuff showcased for the hobby and the company that we love to support.  And I gotta tell you, as much as I hate infantry, I am tackling them head-on to make sure I get this challenge done and moving for when we need to throw down.

All that being said, I have also agreed to be the new co-host of Lost Hemisphere Radio, and have done three episodes with Gdaybloke to date, and we are scheduled to record again this week as far as I know.  Good times will ensue, and I can have fun with the guests and Gday while we record.  Then I get to edit the podcast, which is a new challenge for me.  Cool tools are available to make this happen, but we have been plagued by audio gremlins to date and I hope to have those resolved in the very near future so that our quality improves and listeners enjoy the product we are putting out.

Today is the Clash Deadline, and I have to finish working on my unit tonight and have pictures as well as 500 words minimum off to Gday for the Wednesday update.  I hate submitting my article last minute, but the reality is I just played in a tournament Saturday [went 1 – 3 😦 ] and then ran a Highlander tournament yesterday, followed by having to spend time with my family before getting to start work on painting at around 9 PM, and kept at it until midnight EST.  So I have more to do tonight, but I am going to be getting more done than is required when I finish, so that is great news.

I guess that is about it for now, I have to get back to work as people are starting to come by my office and ask for things to get done, so I will end off here for now with a promise to update again this week, at least with links to the Clash of the Titans article and maybe an update of what else I am working on for the forseeable future.

May your blades be sharp, regardless of compass direction!


Random, overdue update!

November 23, 2010

Anyone reading, thanks for coming and checking me out!  It has been a while, not for anything other than lack of time and motivation to post here.

Hey, I’m honest if nothing else.

So random updates:

  • “Won” a second Legion of Everblight coin at our most recent tournament at Heroes World.  I was the only Legion Player, so even though I had an abyssmal showing at second to last I took the coin home.  Me thinks I need to bone up my competitive play before doing too many more tournaments lest I embarrass myself too much.
  • Joined a Secret Santa painting exchange at the Hobby Kingdom for the Holidays.  Submitted a new Cygnar Hunter blister as my model, and think maybe I should have cleaned and assembled it first.  Feel kind of bad now.  Received a bloody Dragoon model to paint in exchange!!  That’s a mounted model as well as the un-horsed model to paint, and I thought that was a bit cruel.  The person at least assembled them, though I had to clean up some flash and pin the weapon/hands to the un-horsed version.  Since this was from one of the factions I play as well, it won’t be hard to do the scheme as they requested standard paint scheme.  AND, since my own version of the model is unpainted, I decided to tackle them all at the same time, like a MADMAN.  My plan is to work for at least an hour each night after wife and Angel have gone to bed to get these done.  Day 1 was cleanup, repair and make sure they were primed properly .  Day two was some basic colours on the visible part of the mount, some underpadding, beginning faces and skin wash.  Happy so far, have to do more tonight.
  • Bought some models for a new space tactical game called Firestorm Armada from Spartan Games.  Bought a Terran Alliance starter battle fleet and a Templar Heavy Cruiser that I pick up tonight from a local supplier and got a Zenith Class Carrier and a pair of Aegis class Shield Cruisers to support my fleet earlier in the month.  Looking forward to painting and playing these soon, as I love me some tactical space-naval combat.  Anyone remember the old starship battles game?
  • Hotel room confirmed, pre-registered for the whole thing, vacation days booked, and WOO-HOO, we’re going to TempleCon 2011!!  Gonna have a blast travelling with some buds, playing some games and showing the Americans how much fun a bunch of Canuckleheads can be at the gaming tables.  Getting pretty stoked about this trip.  I know I will miss the family and have a lot of work to do to get fully painted before going, but I am really looking forward to this one.
  • Got my Epic General Adept Nemo painted and played in a 25 pt Mangled Metal / Tooth & Claw game.  I think I could have won the whole thing if I didn’t go so defensive and move Nemo2 out of the Killbox in my second game though.  It was pretty sad.  L  Loved how he played, loved a battle group of 2 x Ironclad’s and 3 x Chargers on Nemo’s feat turn, it was some shoot-y, hammer-y goodness!

As requested, here is a crappy picture of my Gorten Armour Wars battlegroup:

I wish you could see my colours...

More to come in the near future, I just wanted to start getting back into the habit with a quick update.

Later Gators!


October 12, 2010

Have your hearts grown fonder of me while I’ve been away?

I won’t bore you with my life, but let it be known that updates are coming soon, with pictures and painting progress, and my journeys in Croctober and the road to Templecon!

Apologies for being a deadbeat this last while. 🙂

Release Day and the Miracles of Electricity!!

July 28, 2010

So not many posts of late; I may try and catch up in another post, or I may just leave the last few months a complete mystery.

What I will do is tell you about the wonders of science and how Electricity, a very potent natural force that can be harnessed to provide power to us mere mortals, was used to power a time machine run by my future self to come back in time, collect me, take me back to the future, and allow me to buy a model that releases today so that I could have a preview up for you ASAP release day!

Behold, the Firefly!!

Say Hello to my liddle frend...

Nice light box, not priced too badly IMHO, and with plenty inside to tickle your fancy… 

Behold the contents of said box!

 I like how the card is protected in a nice plastic sleeve; mine was not bent or damaged in any way, and came out and was ready for a top loader and to play right away!

Plastic crack comes in pre-dosed baggies.

See my powers and fear my Zappy-Stick!

Firefly: The Puzzle

 The pokey-lance on mine was bent as you can see, but I heated it up with some boiling water and it’s not so bad, as you will see in a few pics.  I was surprised as the sheer amount of flash on these to be honest, and the fact that it is always right close to a plastic nub or bolt worries me as I am not the steadiest hand with a blade in it, but I think I did an okay job of getting it off and filing the pieces.

Minutes later, his Pokey-Stick was ready for pokin'!

 The truly AMAZING part of this plastic model is how well the pieces fit together.  The legs have either a slot or a knob to attach firmly and easily to the torso, the head fit nicely against the torso, and the boiler and smokestacks both were slotted so that they slid easily into the torso, occupied the space perfectly, and went on without any fuss or muss whatsoever.  The right arm is a bit tricky as there is a “guard” that the “bicep” pistons attach to before connecting to the hand that holds the pokey stick, but using some GF9 superglue and accelerant I was able to glue the pistons to the cup easily.  After it dried for a few minutes I pinned the hand to the cup and it had the added benefit of going into the pistons a bit, so that was perfect.  Now since my heavies gave me some issues when I assembled them, I knew I was going to pin this guy right from the get-go.  I pinned his arms to the torso, his head to torso, his hand to pistons, and his foot to the base.  I am hoping that will more than suffice for keeping this guy stable and secure when it comes time to field him.

O hai! I can haz liteneeng?

Water + Fire = Steam, Steam + Lightning = WIN!

 The shot above shows one of the very annoying flash lines that travels along his boiler and splits into three right at the pressure gauge; this was by far the hardest to remove, and in the photo it is still quite visible so I may have to revisit it and try to remove even more of it before priming and painting it.

Speaking of steam, I appear to be running out of it in the witicism department...

 You can see the masking tape I used on the base here, not quite sure why a plastic model with no slots comes with a slotted base, but I just taped over it and no one will know when the base is done.  Just an oddity really, no real complaint or issue here.

"I was going to ask you the time, but I'm afraid your response may shock me."

So here my lightning-lass from the Storm Tower has graciously agreed to stand in the shot to give some sense of scale to this guy.  She is nicely scaled with the rest of my Cygnar stuff, not B13th small, so she provides a good sense of how this new light Warjack will look beside some of my Stormblades and Stormgunners.  Nice size to him, seems big enough to be a light and should look good next to some heavies. 

Unfortunately this does cement for me the need to get the other light Warjacks in plastic, I really like how this guy went together and hope his cousins on the same chassis will go together as nicely.  Hard on the wallet, but I think visually it will do wonders for the game.

Also, I wanted to show a few quick shots of the Cygnar token set, as I have not seen many shown on the web.  Here is what goodies are in the Token sets!

So much Blue-y Goodness!

Sweet detail and use of space on an otherwise useless piece of card stock.

I really like how the tokens have come together.  It was a long wait, but seems well worth it.  PP has put a lot of effort and applied their great design aesthetic to make these a great tool for any gamer.  And the fact that you can write on these makes them so invaluable.  While mucking about last night my wife and I agreed on having two sets of tokens; Cygnar would serve for my Swans and the Legion of Everblight, and from the Hordes Token sets I will get the Green Circle Orboros set to serve as Circle and Mercs.  I figure spending on two sets and using for four factions is pretty good, and not too disruptive.  Between the two sets I should be able to have all the spell and effects needed on display for any game I play.

That’s it for now, I have to trust my future self is pleased with the preview I have written, and I can now go on to the Hordes Primal MKII book and some of the other goodies that release today.

Side note:  I got a Legion Coin after my first tourney running Legion Saturday July 23rd, 2010.  I had a terrible showing and became enraged, but with 1-2 record and 14 CP I was able to wrest the coin away from the other Legion player.  Genesis was a great event at Heroes World and I look forward to more time with my angry Dragonspawn!!

Iron Kingdoms Armour Wars

May 4, 2010

So a while back I was looking at painting the Butcher of Khardov, pButcher, in the Red and Gold of Iron Man colours as the new movie was coming out this year, the model is cool, red is already a Khador (Pronounced KAY-door) colour, etc etc.  I was just wary of buying a new model (OCD and spending issues for sure, just ask my wife!) and starting down the dangerous path (for me!) of getting into a new faction by buying and enjoying a single model.

Then along came my Dwarves.  When I spontaneously bought the Gorten Grundback battle box, Herne & Jonne, Thor Steinhammer and a second Driller all for half price from Heroes World I knew I had found my new faction and family.  It also meant I had a new, high-armoured model with which I could apply my Iron Man paint scheme.

For reference, here is the Iron Man Yellow/Red  that I prefer, the “original” red and yellow of many years ago:

He's tall for a Dwarf...

And so I started to paint my Gorten up in this scheme.  I’m happy so far with the results, but man is it ever tough to put down nice-looking yellow on top of a black primer coat.  So to that end I bought some GW Citadel Foundation paint to use with it, and have to complete Gorten and his battle group for the tourney on the 16th of May.

However….  when playing last week, a fellow gamer liked what I was doing with Gorten so far, and he thought it was a great idea.  He asked what I was going to paint the rest of my army, and I said I would stick to studio-ish paintjobs (At my skill level!) for the rest of the models.  I had started on a paint scheme from NQ # 27 for my Driller and battle group that was Browns.  So he replies with “But where is your War Machine?”.  And I started thinking on this.  Basically some Black and Silver for War Machine,and I could do that on some of the Light Warjacks, maybe the Gunners or Blasters, and that would be cool.

Then this evil genius points to the Hammerfall Forge Guard and he says to me “They could be really sweet as the Vault Guardsmen!”.  This also made me think, as it was thematic and started to tug at my fanboy heart-strings.  And I do so love the colour green…

Where is his Piston-Hammer?

And now I am seriously loving a Comic-based theme for my Rhulic army.  I mean come on, there’s even a guy named Thor in the list!!

So it’s decided; Gorten’s Avengers will all be comic book themed, either via paint or named, to be a part of Marvel Comics’ Avengers lineup from any era.  I already know my “War Machines” will be named for the Avengers core group; Hulk, Wasp, Giant Man, Cap(tain America), Hawkeye and the Vision, with Gorten bearing the Iron Man persona.  And yes, I’m well aware that Hawkeye and Vision are later additions, and Cap isn’t really an original Avenger, but this is my Avengers and the names seems to fit.  The team will be supported by the green-armoured Horgenhold Forge Guardsmen, and some other support characters I have yet to decide on.  All-in-all I am happy with this direction, and think it can be fun and unique while also still showing I am not super-serious about the game at the same time.

Pics of work in progress to come, I just finalised some thoughts on this today in the shower…

Thanks for reading!

Fun wit ma shorties!

May 3, 2010

Ok so enough poor grammar, but the title illustrates I may have done well by choosing Rhulfolk as my second Warmachine faction.  I’ll get to my Draconic Army soon enough, but in preparation for a Warmachine 35 pt tourney coming up on the 16th of May, I have been assembling Dwarves and Rhulic `Jacks as quickly as I can.

Here’s what I have so far:
Gorten Grundback
2 X Ghordson Driller
3 X Grundback Gunner
2 X Grundback Blaster
Wroughthammer Rockram
Ghordson Avalancher
Ghordson Basher
Horgenhold Forge Guard X 10
Herne Stoneground & Arquebus Jonne
Thor Steinhammer
Horgenhold Artillery Corps
Hammerfall High Shields Gun Corps Unit Attachment
Gudrun the Wanderer
Ogrun Bokur

I went to the FLGS last Thursday to get a game in and try out my little homies, and it was a blast of a game against a great, fun oppponent.  Much to Tim’s chagrin, I asked for a 25 point list as I didn’t have everything with me, and some of it was still unassembled.

Here is my list; Gorten’s Tiny Terrors!
Gorten Grundback
– Ghordson Driller
– Grundback Gunner
– Grundback Gunner
– Grundback Gunner
Thor Steinhammer
– Grundback Blaster
Herne & Jonne
Horgenhold Forge Guard Max Unit (10)

Tim Played Cygnar, and from memory his army was as follows:
– Cyclone
– Hunter
– Squire
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Force
Arlan Strangewayes
Sword Knights Min unit
Journeyman Warcaster

The game went well, I had a lot of fun, and the list worked OKAY together.  I learned a few things about the Rhulic army and the Searforge Commission in general which is good, and I almost got a caster kill in on turn three.  Unfortunately I was still playing pretty loose with Gorten, and died to a charge from Kraye after I failed to kill him on my feat turn, but it was a great game regardless.  I’m really happy with the new direction I have chosen, as well as the less competitive crowd at Heroes World and the fun I can have there.

No battle report or pictures cause I just wasn’t very well-prepared for the night out, but I promise to do some as I paint and play my Dwarven brethren (OK really I am 6’2″ and not a Dwarf, but I am tough and earthy, so consider the Dwarves to be relatives…).

Thanks for reading!

Well said sir.

April 29, 2010

I’ve been stewing on some ideas and rants about the game, how it’s played, and the opponents I face for a while now.  Some things about the “game” have been bothering me. 

I was on the Privateer Press Forums this morning, and came across this thread that so succinctly summarizes how I feel the game should be played, and how as adults we should approach the game.

I am enjoying reading the posts, but I think this does confirm for me that I shouldn’t be playing in tournaments, as the players who go to crush their opponents will eventually face me, and I won’t enjoy the experience.

This is a great read for any player, of any game really, but especially relevant to those of us who play table top miniatures games for fun.

I take my hat off to the author, PPS_MODJOSH, for his amazing insight and excellent article.


Rhulic Cards for Artillery and High Shield UA

April 27, 2010

So after a lot of grief on the PP boards, mostly due to disappointment over the models than at me for getting them early I admit, I am posting pics of the cards front and back so people can form their own opinions….

That’s all she wrote people, pics of the models to come once I take some…